Posted by: spottedpufferfish | October 11, 2010

Le Pelican

This weekend heralded N’s third (!) birthday dinner. For the full back story, check out this post.

We went to Le Pelican, in Surry Hills, which is described as a French Basque restaurant (so all of the riders from the Euskaltel – Euskadi team on the Tour de France would know all about this region and it’s food!)

Anyway, once again, we all stuffed ourselves stupid, with three courses!!!

THE CHOCOLATE FONDANT! It was rich. It was dark. It was gooey. And it oozed like no other fondant I’ve had. I would have to say that this is the BEST chocolate fondant that I’ve tasted in my (not so short) life.
Le Pelican

I don’t know what’s happening! I never used to look at the desert menu first- but now I do, so I know if I need to go light on in the entree! I blame that awesome creme brulee that I had at Botswana Butchery in Queenstown! (Although, in hindsight, my choices weren’t particularly light anyway…)

Oozy chocolate goodness:
Le Pelican
And the milk ice cream was so delicious!

Another highlight was my scallop entree- the scallops were cooked perfectly (beautifully seared on the outside, slightly raw on the inside- just the way I like ’em!) These were served on a bed of green lentils (I felt so virtuous!), and carrot puree. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous too.
Le Pelican

For a main, I had one of the specials- flounder wrapped around prosciutto, on a bed of aubergine:
Le Pelican

The aubergine was very Mediterranean (and a bit too lemon-y for my tastes) but never-the-less I still enjoyed it.

N had the mackerel special as an entree:
Le Pelican

For a main, he had the signature dish: house smoked flathead pie, mussels, broad beans & soubise sauce. The fish was so smokey and delicious!
Le Pelican

D’s steak (Yearling onglet steak, potatoes pont neuf style & béarnaise reduction):
Le Pelican

N’s Mum and A had the beef carpaccio:
Le Pelican

N shared the cheese platter with his brother, for dessert:
Le Pelican

According to Le Pelican policy, parties of seven or more (we had a group of seven), have to order off a smaller, more limited menu, rather than off the a la carte menu. We were all a bit devastated, to say the least, when we heard about this, so N asked if it was possible if we could order in advance, such that the kitchen could accommodate our order. We were all set put in our order (everyone made up their minds well in advance!) BUT, the lovely folks at Le Pelican said that we could order from the a la carte menu! How nice is that? And it was lucky that we were able to, because the specials totally put a spanner in the works, because the original option would have precluded us from ordering them. (And everyone ordered off the specials, except for D!!!!)

All together a sumptuous evening of food and wine!

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  1. Oh my, that chocolate fondant!

  2. yum!!!

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