Posted by: spottedpufferfish | October 10, 2010

Ikea catalogue Saturday

We’ve had a relatively lazy weekend, which I attribute to the yucky, overcast weather Sydney has been experiencing, which makes me lethargic, and want to sleep in, rather than go out and BE ACTIVE.

So, when we FINALLY hauled ourselves out of bed on Saturday, it was lazy late morning (actually quite possibly, early afternoon) chores, which I did from the kitchen, interspersed with bouts of blog updating.

N thought I looked like I’d stepped out of the pages of an Ikea catalogue (not surprising, since a lot of our furniture comes from there! See blog post here and here.)

Ikea catalogue Saturday

Mmm… tea & leftover baklava!
Ikea catalogue Saturday

We stopped off in Newtown before the grocery shopping, to have some pho, at Pho 236, because I’ve been craving pho ever since we got back from Queenstown. I was also feeling a little bit peaky, so I thought the broth would do wonders for my sore throat.
Fresh spring rolls, or goi cuon:
Pho 236

Beef pho:
Pho 236

Pho 236

We also bought some flowers for T, as a thank you present, for inviting us to Queenstown. We got these gorgeous flowers from Harris Farm, which I created a bouquet from- the lavender smelt divine, and the orchids were such a pretty colour- I was pretty chuffed with my efforts, and am thinking that I’d like to do a course in flower arranging or floristry!



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