Posted by: spottedpufferfish | October 10, 2010

Dinner with friends + La Banette

What better way to spend a midweek evening, than catching up with old friends, over dinner? I went round to R & S’s place last week, for a long overdue catchup, and to meet the two baby bumps! Sadly, N missed out, due to late work commitments, but he scored some of the leftover goodies that I brought home!

R put on a massive spread!
Check it out:
Dinner at R & S's

These vegie fritters were SO delicious! S (K’s S) and I filled up, big time on these, cause they were so yummy! (And N immediately hoed into them when I got home with these as leftovers!)
Dinner at R & S's

I love this salad bowl!
Dinner at R & S's

Dinner at R & S's
Taralli are Italian pretzels, or bagels. These particular ones are ones that R made with her Nonna- and in true Italian style, they made 5 kilos of it! R tells me these are made with flour and olive oil, and they took ALL DAY to make! How lucky are we?

And this beautiful creamy salmon, dill and garlic pasta- yum, yum, yum!
Dinner at R & S's

Desert- baklava! K and S brought these super delicious baklavas over. That reminds me, to ask K where they bought them from, cause they are to die for (especially
Dinner at R & S's

Squished pastries from La Banette (they weren’t squished when I bought them!)
Dinner at R & S's

Speaking of La Banette- I have a bone to pick with them….
I actually went to La Banette, which has recently opened in Glebe Point Road, for a coffee with a work friend. They have eat in tables, so we ordered some tea. Look what we got (and with rather inattentive service as well…)- tea in paper cups with a tea strainer!

La Banette

I also ordered an English Breakfast, and I had to ASK FOR THE MILK (and the girl wasn’t particularly nice about it either) So I hoped that the chocolate brownie that I ordered would make up for it. It wasn’t particularly spectacular…
La Banette

But the pastries looked good, so I bought four to take to R &S’s that night:
Pre-squish (!)
La Banette

La Banette

I tried the Mille-feuille. The custard was yummy, but the pastry was a bit cardboard-y. S tried the creme brulee, and he said it was pretty good, and S liked the fresh berries on the fruit tart.

But, despite the bone I have to pick re the teas and shoddy service, I got given a free raisin bread, because they were near closing time, which was nice….
La Banette


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