Posted by: spottedpufferfish | October 3, 2010

Wagaya touch screeny goodness

Can you believe that I’ve been to Wagaya about 6-10 times, and I haven’t blogged about it yet? What’s up with that? It’s not due to any lack of exciting food, entertainment, ambience or any other slight on the restaurant itself (it’s quite the opposite actually!), but rather a lack of camera, blog (I don’t think I had my blog when Wagaya opened) and time.

So I thought I should rectify that quick smart, with a post about the general awesome-ness that is Wagaya. For those who don’t know, Wagaya has a fantastic concept, where you order your food via a touch screen computer. Not only is this STILL a novelty, the food is AMAZING!

Check it out:

We ordered two bottles of sake-the first was raspberry flavoured, which at first taste was good, then bad, then good (I think I decided it was good in the end, but maybe with a little too much coconut and cough medicine flavour???)

We also splurged on this incredible sake, which had goldleaf in it!!


And now for the food!
Chicken yakitori- the chicken had a fantastic smoky grilled flavour

Agedashi tofu- replete with waving bonito flakes!

Soft-shelled crab (with what looked like agedashi tofu)

Karaage chicken- you can never beat Japanese-style popcorn chicken with THAT yummy Kewpie doll mayo!

Action shot, en route to my mouth:

Chawanmushi- still as silky smooth ad gorgeously flavoured as ever! This is one of my FAVOURITE Wagaya dishes…


Deep fried salmon skin- crispy, beautiful flavour!

Mixed sushi and sashimi:

Grilled salmon:

Green tea ice cream

We also had salmon roulette- whereby 6 pieces of salmon sushi sit innocuously on a plate. 5 pieces have the normal amount of wasabi in them and the other has a mega shit-load of it, hidden within the confines of the rice…. And so, the odds lengthened as everyone around me ate their normal wasabi-infused sushis, until it was down to two of us- me and K. At this stage, I was basically shitting myself, because I DON’T LIKE WASABI!!!! Luckily for me, K got the wasabi-riddled sushi, and I scooted out, scot-free! haha! But K is an absolute machine, so she took it like a trooper and barely batted an eyelash, let along coughed, spluttered or turned on the waterworks, which would have been the (understated) case with me (and judging by the other reactions from the tables around us, when they played it too!)

Umbrella shot (it rained last night)

Wagaya on Urbanspoon



  1. hehe i have so far managed to elude the wasabi laden sushi! i love the fried cheese at wagaya!

  2. Ok, based on your review I’ve booked a table for me and some ladies tomorrow night – what are your ‘absolute must’ recommendations? We are all down with everything, raw, cooked, offal, whatever!

    • Oh hurrah! I LOVE Wagaya! My must-haves are the following:
      – salmon skins (crispy deep fried salmon skin!)
      – chawanmushi- yummy steamed egg flavoured with dashi. I get the crab one, not the eel
      – karaage chicken- deep fried mouthfuls of chickeny goodness (and it comes with that yummy Japanese kewpie doll mayo!)
      – sushi roulette- wasabi bomb for one unlucky person!
      – garlic and egg rice bowl (I think) – really flavoursome rice

      Other dishes that lots of people love, but I;m not sucha big fan of:
      – ox tongue skewers (I love the good old chicken yakitori)
      – deep fried cheese balls

      I hope you have a great time tonight!!!!! Can’t wait for your review 🙂

      • Oh and if you like salmon sushi- the grilled salmon sushi is so yummy! But I’m not sure what it’s called on the menu- I don’t think it’s called grilled salmon…..

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