Posted by: spottedpufferfish | May 15, 2010

Mmmm roast….

So I attempted to do a pork roast today. I think this is only the second pork roast that I’ve attempted. The first time I did it, the crackling didn’t turn out, so this time I made sure to score the skin, and salt it properly. I also took the advice of Ed Halmagyi via Peter G, on his blog Souvlaki for the Soul, to use a hair dryer (!) to make sure the pork skin is free of moisture (no moisture=more crackle!).

From the looks of things, all was going well. The skin was uber crackly, but when I carved it, it was still a bit too pink inside! So back in the oven it had to go. =(
I did take it out a little early, for fear of burning the skin, because of the high power of our oven. Next time, I’ll have to turn it down, but leave it in for longer….

On the plus side, the roast vegies turned out well (possibly because they were cooked in the pork fat drippings!)


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