Posted by: spottedpufferfish | May 7, 2010

What to wear?

I posted a question to Polyvore about how to wear black fingerless gloves without going totally Madonna (ie totally 80s on a night out in the city!) and I got lots of fabulous responses. I’m going to K’s birthday do, where we’ll be bashing out some karaoke hits. There will be Whitney. There will be Madonna (especially because the Glee Madonna special was on the other night). So I thought I should get into the spirit of things and channel Madonna by wearing my black fingerless gloves, but I wanted a bit of a modern twist.

Check out the responses I got here.

So this blog post is for the girls who answered me!

Which outfit?

What to wear to Karmi's birthday?

Or tutu?
What to wear to Karmi's birthday?

What to wear to Karmi's birthday?

(Not sure what happened to the exposure in this photo…)

I’m basically wearing the same accessories- black 3/4 sleeve jacket, black headband with flower jewel, metallic heels and bangles (gold and pink in the pink outfit, plain black in the tutu). I also added my fabulous bling flower ring…



And yes, that is Daniel, Hello Kitty’s boyfriend in the bookshelf in the background…


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