Posted by: spottedpufferfish | May 4, 2010

Totally terrible typos

Ok, so I am quite possibly THE worst typo maker in the world…

Evidence: Facebook status on the weekend:
I hate typos in my own bog posts! How annoying. Mental note to self- use proofread button before publishing!!! Grr…

And no, I am NOT kidding. Apparently typos are a-ok in Facebook status updates!

Menu 020510

This is the seafood marina (boats, wharf and all) that N made yesterday:


Sunday night: super steak night.


Super steak

Super steak

Super steak

Super steak

N used the top tips from Gary & George’s MasterChef MasterClass from the Season 1 DVD, which I got him for Chrissy last year, to make this yummy steak and crispy potato dish.

Tonight: pork larb (made while ABSOLUTELY trashed on one Bulmers cider) Yes, that’s right, folks- ONE! But… I went to the gym, and I didn’t eat my usual pre-gym narnie, cause I was in a two hour meeting. So I had it on an empty stomach after absolutely smashing it at Pump. That, and the fact that I am an absolute Cadbury when it comes to alcohol.. It still turned out ok but I forgot the chilli, coriander and almost forgot the cucumber…


BUT, on the plus side, it was N’s idea to add a fried egg. How good does the egg look? Mine didn’t look as pretty, because I like my eggs fried, not sunny side up. We also added bean shoots and celery to compensate for forgetting the coriander, which turned out well- added extra crunch and there was the added value of additional vegies, which I’d never say no to!


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