Posted by: spottedpufferfish | May 2, 2010

Spotted Pufferfish’s Pet Tour of Annandale + weekend wrapup

In this post:
– Secondhand Saturday
– Swannies match
– Ikea (again)

Whitebeanie and I went along to Leichhardt Council’s Secondhand Saturday. Basically, this is a recycling initiative, where houses register to have a garage/yard sale on a designated day. The idea is for people to walk around the neighbourhood and grab a bargain. What a cool idea huh? Whitebeanie and I had a great time, even though we didn’t walk (we drove!) Do you know how BIG one suburb is by foot? We probably would have gone to two houses max, if we’d walked. By driving we went to lots of sales, got to meet heaps of lovely people, and we didn’t have to carry everything that we bought!

It actually turned out to be Spotted Pufferfish & Whitebeanie’s pet tour of Annandale. Most of the people who we visited had either a dog or a cat, or the neighbour’s cat came over to say hello and see what all the fuss was about.

Here’s who we met:

Secondhand Saturday

Secondhand Saturday

This is Molly.

Secondhand Saturday

I picked up some great bargains, including this fabulous tea set:

It has gorgeous gold detail. There’s a sugar pot, a milk crock and four teacups & saucers. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a teapot (maybe it broke?) The teacups are tiny- perfect for playing tea parties, but I’d love to use them if I ever host a high tea. I picked up the entire set for $5!


I also got:
Secondhand Saturday

and three items of clothing for $12 (instant wardrobe update!), as well as this wonderful old school Weetbix tin. I think this is one of the replica tins that came out a few years ago.


    We also went to the Swan’s match against the Brisbane Lions. The Swans won with a decisive 107 – 87 scoreline. It was a cracking game- very exciting. I was feeling pretty wiped after a big day Secondhand Saturday-ing, Ikea-ing and building Ikea shelves, but there was no danger of falling asleep, even in the quarters when the Swans were scoring at the other end of the field (we got the awesome seats right behind the uprights again).

    My favourite player is Lewis Jetta, who got drafted into the Swans this year as a rookie. He’s yet to kick his first goal (I wish he’d kick it in a match I’m at!) He’s really weedy and skinny (he says so himself on his blog!), which I love, but he is SUPER QUICK on the field!!!! (Did I mention that I have his number, 32, on my jersey?) He made an AWESOME run last night, and almost kicked a goal (on the run) which was pretty impressive.

    Some argy-bargy between Lewis Roberts-Thompson & Brendan Fevola- don’t worry, there was a lot of Fevola sledging…
    Swans match 010510

    Swans match 010510

    Swans match 010510

    Our trip to Ikea (yes, it was our second trip in as many weeks!) was to buy some more bookshelves. Our bookshelves have been GROANING under the weight of all of our books. We had double stacked, triple stacked and even started stacking them in piles on the floor. This is the end result of a lot of elbow grease:

    Ikea 010510

    PS- it only took me less than two hours to put them all together!

    I also scored this gorgeous little step stool (which was an absolute BITCH to put together btw!) V handy for getting things out of the top cupboards in the kitchen.

    Ikea 010510

    Can you see the screw still poking out on the side? I can’t get this screw in, for the life of me.



  1. Wow, those bookcases are AWESOME. Billy? How did you get them home? Do you borrow someone’s station wagon? We need more bookcases, and was thinking we might have to pay for delivery…

  2. Yep spot on! I should clarify that we didn’t buy all of these in the one go. We already had the white one, one DVD tower and the smaller birch one. We got the big birch one and two DVD towers on this trip.

    We actually didn’t have to use a station wagon. They all fit in my sister’s Festiva!!!! we had to take two cars though…

  3. I love my festiva 🙂

  4. Just having another look at the doggie snaps. Molly was the sweetest thing!

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