Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 21, 2010

Museum mania, picturesque postcards, baked eggs & superstylin’ Nanna

I had a flex day the other day, and went to the Australian Museum, which was so COOL! I went to see the Wildlife Photography Exhibition. I had a blast! There is an interactive wildlife photo studio section, as you walk into the exhibition, which explains how to take wildlife photographs and gives you some tips. I had a lot of fun trying it out with my digital camera, with the obliging insects. Here are some of my (better) attempts. I clearly have no idea about how to take a good photo with any accuracy or success rate (based on the attempts that didn’t make it onto this blog post!), but this is something that I’d like to learn how to do one day…

This is my favourite photo:

I explored the whole museum, including the dinosaurs and the mummy. Then I paid a visit to the gift shop. I saw edible koala poo, crocodile poo and other various poos that you can take home and share with your friends- delightful!

Australian Museum

I also came home with postcards of some of my favourite photographs. I put them up on the pantry door, without warning N, which freaked him out a little, when he next went to the cupboard… whoops!


I love buying postcards from museums and art galleries. I started doing this when I went to Europe, to make a wall collage. We did it again when we went to Japan. Thanks to my energetic decluttering clean up on the weekend, I unearthed the cards we’d bought in Japan. This is the end result:


Before setting out on my Museum adventure, I made baked eggs with chorizo, cherry toms and spinach. Y-U-M! This is the recipe I used.
I think this is my new favourite day off brekky.

Baked Eggs (1)

Baked Eggs (2)

Baked Eggs (3)

Sadly, they were a bit overcooked, so will have to adjust for next time….

On my way home from the museum, I saw this awesome-ly superstylin’ Nanna at the bus stop. She was wearing a bright canary yellow dress, orange shoes and a pink handbag. She was also wearing a FABULOUSLY sparkly brooch, which was amazing! Unfortunately, my photo didn’t quite catch the brooch. =(

Superstylin' Nanna



  1. i love trendy nanas. go the red shoes!!

  2. Thanks so much for the reminder about the Wildlife Photo exhibition!! I’d meant to go back in the beginning of the year, and then totally forgot!

    I just went today, and had heaps of fun!

    • Oh cool! It’s a fab exhibition hey! I’m definitely going to go every year from now on! Did you see the controversy over the photo that got disqualified and taken down?

      • Yes yes! I remember reading about it a while ago, but didn’t make the connection until I saw that plaque on the wall! How embarrassing for them! It’s even in the front of their hardcover books!

        Debates on whether it is suitable for the competition aside – I think it’s a great image.

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