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Seeing my old friends, the ski jacket and boarding pants made me think about all of the times I’ve been to the snow. I went for the first time in Year 11 to Jindabyne, and did I do anything productive? No, the most productive thing I did was possibly to build a snowman with Mrs Plane_Spotter. We just weren’t that into sports back then.

So a missed opportunity there! I remember snowboarding was just starting off, and some of the boys daringly chose to board over ski… WHY didn’t I choose that option? Maybe I would have actually gotten off my arse and really enjoyed the snow that year!

Anyway, the next time I went, I went with Whitebeanie (sister of Spotted Pufferfish) . It was 2003, 2 girls bombing down to Perisher in Whitebeanie’s car, for the weekend. Awesome trip. We stayed on snow, ate lamb for the first time (while actually liking it), but again, we chose to ski… why why why????

Snow 2003

Requisite snow angel:
Snow 2003

I think there were at least two snow trips after this trip, where I went snowboarding, and ABSOLUTELY loved it! As soon as I strapped on the board, I knew I’d never go back to skis!!!!!! A) I was much better at it, compared to skiing and B) it looks so much hotter!

Snow 2007:

snow 2007

snow 2007


snow 2008

And how could I blog about the snow without putting up pics from our trip to Japan? We weren’t going to go snowboarding, but N did a massive backflip, and we went to Nozawa Onsen, which is a snow village in the Nagano prefecture of Japan. It was amazing! It snowed SO MUCH! It was a complete white out, with so much powder. About 1 metre on our first night there! Anyway, N took to snowboarding like a duck to water, except for one unfortunate incident when he rammed his board into my knee…it was the only bruise I acquired on that trip! (I’d like to think that it was because of my awesome improvement in snowboarding prowess, but I think it was just becasue the snow was so powdery, that when you fell over, it didn’t hurt at all….)

Visiting the temple on New Year’s Day, halfway up the mountain:
snow 2010

Looks can be deceiving. This may look like a requisite snow angel, but it fact it was a requisite newbie stack:
snow 2010

snow 2010

snow 2010

This was a snow trip of revelations: I FINALLY worked out how to do up my ski jacket properly to stop the snow going down the sleeve (it only took me 6 years… my wrists were so toasty warm, and whenever I stacked it, I didn’t get ice down my sleeve!) It was also a revelation regarding my boarding socks. T & D got me Burton socks for Chrissy and they. are. AMAZING!! No going back now!

snow 2010

My snowball, which I was very proud of. (Do you know how hard it is getting back up onto your board with a snowball? You can’t put it down, because it’ll just roll down the hill, so you have to hold it WHILST hauling your entire body weight up onto the board….. v tricky!)
snow 2010



  1. Love the read. It’s the first blog of yours that I’ve had a look at, but I like the way you add pics and that to liven it up. Actually, the picture of Nagano is crazy. Snow chunks are so big!

    Keep up the writing.

    • Thanks dude! I love photos (it’s the Asian in me). Makes it more interesting than me just rambling, but I guess I do a lot of that as well…. haha!

  2. good times!

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