Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 18, 2010

Follow the Ikea arrow, spag bowl + declutter delight

This weekend was all about tidying and decluttering. White beanie and I went on a trip to Ikea today, in search of storage solutions, And solutions we found in abundance even though I did break the golden rule of Ikea- “thou shalt not go against the direction of the blue arrows” because I had to go back to get a frickin’ cutlery tray. Anyway, we saved N the trauma of actually stepping foot inside the store (by leaving him at home- nah, he actually had a soccer game, luckily for him!), and I only got a headache towards the end of the trip. Oh, and we only lost the trolley once. Yes, we managed to lose the trolley, which we’d parked somewhere conveniently, and both promptly forgot about.

This is part of the haul that I came home with:
Ikea purchases

I even made a list of all of the things I wanted, in order to keep me from straying too far, and did I stray? Why yes I did!

My major purchase was a kitchen island trolley. It’s a wine rack, cutlery drawer and additional bench space, all in one! The cutlery drawer is a BIG deal, because our apartment DOES NOT HAVE ONE! I know- how ridiculous is that? Our apartment is so modern, that they didn’t even put in a cutlery drawer, which I didn’t realise, until I was unpacking the cutlery, and trying to work out what was wrong with the kitchen. (And no, it’s not in a hidden drawer, or under the dishwasher- trust me, I’ve looked everywhere!)

This is us putting it together:
Ikea (1)

Ikea (9)

Ikea (10)

Finished product:
Ikea (12)

N made an AWESOME spag bowl for dinner:
Spag bowl (1)

Spag bowl (3)

So delicious! He put in celery, carrot and big field mushies. Yummo!

After dinner, I kept beavering away with the tidying and decluttering. I COMPLETELY re-organised the pantry, and did a massive sting on the bench, which we’d started just piling crap, without putting it away properly. But thanks to Ikea’s storage solutions, I re-discovered the bench top.





  1. The island looks great! Hey it looks like you’re working harder on putting it together than me, but can you see my arm is blurry! Yes, cos I am working so hard on turning that allen key 🙂

  2. […] meant that we didn’t miss out on the dinner conversation while preparing dinner. The new kitchen island also worked a treat in this regard as well! Much better than having our guests sit on the floor and […]

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