Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 16, 2010

Shoes, tidying + decluttering

Ok. You asked for it, and you got it. Here are some pics of my funky new boots and FABULOUS new heels that I bought last night. Yay late night shopping! Yay Myer for having 25% off women’s shoes + an extra 10% off for Myer One members. Woohoo!

So do you know how hard it is to take a photo of your outfit, including your new heels while you’re actually WEARING them? V difficult.
Here are my attempts:

Shoes (1)

Shoes (2)

And here are my boots, and another pics of my heels. (Can you tell that I love them?)

Shoes (4)

Shoes (6)

Tonight was all about coming home and getting stuck into cleaning, tidying, decluttering and getting organised, in preparation for a trip to Ikea, to find some storage solutions, because I have a shit-load of stuff…..

iPod- check
80’s music cued on playlist- check
window shut so neighbours don’t hear occasional bouts of bad 80’s singing- check
take-away Thai for dinner- check
lots of space for spreading my shit out- check
vacuum space-saving bags- check
vacuum to provide sucking power- check

Armed with this checklist, I began the “Big Tidy of April, Twenty-Ten”.

I’m quite impressed with the solution I came up with for the top shelf of the wardrobe. Where I originally had everything folded, I slowly started getting sloppier and sloppier with every feverish morning rummage for THAT jumper or THOSE pants, until I basically chucked everything back onto the shelf in an untidy heap… and do you think I could ever find anything I wanted on that shelf? No.

So I took everything down, and assessed whether it was something I would need in the coming cooler months. If it was, it stayed, if it wasn’t it went on another pile, to be put into a vacuum storage bag. Sadly, my snow jacket and snowboarding pants did not cut it for the ‘stay’ pile, seeing as I’m only going to use them once this winter, when we go to New Zealand, so they’ll have to come back out later.
The ‘put away’ pile went into the storage bag:

Decluttering (1)

Decluttering (2)

The ski jacket and pants got a last minute stay of execution, as they didn’t fit in the vacuum bag. But they’re still going away into the suitcase for later on…

Then I found some cloth storage boxes that I’d previously bought from Ikea, which were perfect for putting my folded jumpers, shorts, headwear & scarf overflow into. Yes that’s right, I have beanie and scarf overflow, because I can’t fit all of my hats and scarves in the one box. Check it out:

Decluttering (5)

And the boxes stack neatly on the shelf, so at least I can confine my rummaging within the box. I must work out some way of labelling what’s in each box, otherwise this will defeat the purpose…

Decluttering (6)

I also have a lot of socks and stockings. It was quite confounding trying to catergorise these into meaningful groups. Do you know how many different types there are?!?!?!?

Here are my categories:
– coloured opaques
– black opaques
– coloured patterned stockings
– black patterned stockings
– black footlless
– black patterned footless
– black opaque knee highs
– coloured opaque knee highs
– knee high socks
– gym socks
– snowboarding socks
– football socks
– normal socks

As all you girls out there know- it’s really difficult to tell the difference between black patterned tights and black patterned footless tights when you’re in a hurry in the morning, so I had to work out a way to keep them apart (for all you boys reading this, this is just a heads up as to how difficult it can be to be a girl sometimes- ha!)


Decluttering (3)


Decluttering (4)



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  2. Please tell me you Dewey decimalised everything..

    • Hahaha! I’d just label the cupboard 641 (the Dewey number for cooking) and be done with it! How nerdy is it that I actually KNOW that number? Shelving thousands of books in my public library days will do that to you! I actually do separate my fiction and non fiction and alphbetise my fiction. Haven’t Dewey-ed the non fiction yet… That’s the final frontier in ultimate nerdy librarian home organisation!!!

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