Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 14, 2010

Fashion + Dinner at C1’s

You wouldn’t think that I love clothes, shoes and accessories (spoken like a true girl), judging by the amount of time I spend talking about food on this blog, but I do. I love a well dressed boy. Check out this photo of the gentleman I met on the bus this morning. I plucked up the courage to ask him if I could take his photo to put on my blog, and he said yes, so if you’re reading this- ‘Hi!’

I love his style- the vest, the shoes, the gorgeous bag, the hat:

Check out this other boy- love his jumper. All he needs to do is drape his jumper over his shoulders and tie the sleeves together like you would a pair of socks, and you’d get instant Ivy League…

Dinner at Cath's (1)

I also love stockings and coloured tights. I saw this girl at uni the other day with a fabulous pair of multicoloured tights, which looked SO cool. These are the stockings I wore today:

Stockings (2)

This time of year ROCKS. Autumn chill=stockings, long socks, scarves and jackets…. Yay!!!

These are the stockings I’m going to wear tomorrow, I think. I stocked up on stockings (hahaha!) big time at two fantastic shops in Japan called Tutu Anna, and Forever 21. You’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more of my Japan purchases making their way out of my closet in the next few weeks, so brace yourselves!


N and I went to C1’s for dinner tonight- and boy did she put on a delicious spread! She made lemon, white wine, garlic and rosemary roast chicken with potatoes, Jap pumpkin and a fantastic spring vegetable dish, made with white wine and BACON. Mmmm bacon….

How lucky are we? The food was SOOO delicious!

Dinner at Cath's (2)

Dinner at Cath's (7)

Dinner at Cath's (10)

Dinner at Cath's (9)

Dinner at Cath's (11)

I even scored the ULTIMATE in doggie bags. This is my lunch for tomorrow. (Are you jealous?)

Doggie bag


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