Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 12, 2010

The baguette has landed, prawn & fish wontons + random phone call to Finland

Today I had my first Taste Baguette at work. Sadly, it was not as good as the other Taste baguettes I’ve had in the past. I had a Portuguese chicken wholemeal baguette. The reason why it wasn’t as good was because the meat was cold! So disappointed…
But, I’m going to hold judgment until I try it at least another time (I saw that they have roast pork with crackly!) Hopefully today was just an anomaly. Still looks good though eh?


They are also fill you up really well. I had one at about 12.30 and I didn’t even need a snack before I did a double session at the gym today. (I usually need to eat a narnie or something otherwise I have zero energy- I guess that’s saying something about the high GI meals I eat every other day huh?)

N made prawn & fish wontons, inspired by the dumplings made by brother of N and T, which were inspired by my wontons, which were inspired by sister of Spotted Pufferfish’s wontons… That’s a lot of dumplings!!!!

Check it out:
Wrapping the dumplings:
prawn & fish dumplings (4)

prawn & fish dumplings (4)

Unfortunately, the wonton wrappers disintegrated when they were cooked. We’re not quite sure how that happened. N did a test drive yesterday, and they were beautiful. The only difference between yesterday and today was that the dumplings had been frozen. Could this have been the cause of the disintegration????
prawn & fish dumplings (6)

This pic was somehow turned on it’s side, so you’ll have to turn your head to have a look at it:
prawn & fish dumplings (7)

I was also struggling to work out how to get my training totals for the week on my heart rate monitor. Regrettably, the internet was fruitless in my search for the answer. All of the forums didn’t have anything, except others wanting to know the same thing. The Suunto website yielded nothing either, so I rang Finland. Suunto is a Finnish company, and their tech support is in Finland. Luckily, they speak perfect English, so I spoke to an affable Finnish chap who put me on the right track- you have to reset your training session before the data gets sent to your training totals… who would’ve thought? I’m putting it down to the absolutely shit translation of the instructions, which do not say ANYTHING about how to reset the session. For all of you Suunto t1c people out there with the same problem, you reset the session by holding down the [lap +] button… then the data goes straight across. D’oh.

The perfect English of the Finnish dude got me thinking about languages, and how much I wish I knew more Cantonese. I have studied German (up to HSC and Cert III level) and Japanese (I did a minor at uni). It’s amazing how much vocab is still stuck in the recesses of my brain somewhere. I learned that a work colleague L, did German also (3U I think, not 2Uz like me) and we had this mega awesome pidgin (on my part) conversation, at some random ‘Dealing with Difficult Customers’ training. How cool is that? The Japanese is also in there somewhere. When N and I went to Japan, it kinda came back (but only really basic stuff). But I’m a bit concerned that I spent so much time studying grammatical sentence structures, and they’re all completely gone. Why does some vocab stick but grammar doesn’t???

So one of my next goals is to learn more Cantonese. In case you didn’t know, Cantonese is what my family speaks. I think that’s going to be the next thing I undertake. Hopefully there are Cantonese (not Mandarin) classes that I can take. Or maybe I need to find a Cantonese conversational partner (who won’t laugh at my Australian accent and my attempts to say things). I think there’s still hope for me. I mean, I only spent one day at my friend’s wedding, surrounded by Chinese people, and I started getting my confidence back- enough to talk to the parents, so here’s hoping…



  1. love ur blog and the rec 🙂

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