Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 11, 2010

Swans match + Mama Pufferfish’s visit

Swans match (9)

I went to my second ever Swan’s match yesterday, and it was a blast! (the first one I went to, the Swans got smashed by Collingwood. AND that match was all the way out at Homebush, so we had to make the train trip of shame home, with all of the Collingwood fans who’d travelled up from Melbourne- but that train trip home sure beat the one we made a few years ago, when we went to a Knights/Eels match when the Knights got absolutely hammered- drunk NRL fans are much more scary than less drunk AFL fans) Was that a potentially discriminating remark that I just made, which could get a whole lot of league fans offside? Hmm…. don’t worry. I’m from Newcastle, and I still secretly barrack for the Knights, even though I haven’t been to a game for yonkers bersonkers and I think NRL players are a pack of idiot buffoons who need to learn how to respect women, keep their off-field dalliances in check and generally stop being all round toolbags…

So, back to the Swannies match. Absolute cracker game, and we had AWESOME, I repeat AWESOME seats. We got the $20 seats right behind the goal posts. We also got the seats near the Swans member seats, so there was a lot of atmosphere!

Check it out- this is the view from our seats before the nets came down:
Swans match (15)

During the game:
Swans match (19)

The lights are amazingly bright- it was like daytime in the SCG:
Swans match (18)

Incidentally, this pic shows the back of Steve’s and Steve’s fiance’s heads. Steve and his fiance provided hours of entertainment for us throughout the match. The sponsors were giving out cardboard signs, which you folded into fans/whackers that made an ear jarringly annoying sound when you whacked it on something (imagine a really irritating thwacking sound amplified by a eight thousand) Anyway, practically everything that came out of Steve’s fiance’s mouth was punctuated with a corresponding whack on Steve’s back with said fan/whacking object.
The conversation went something like this:
“Steve- get me some BBQ chips”. Whack.
“Steve- get me some beer”. Whack.
“Steve- let’s go out and get blinded after the game”. Whack

And after he saw all of us in our jerseys, and asked us how much we paid for them, he disappeared, only to re-appear sporting his own jersey which he just went and bought. This is what the conversation sounded like:
Fiance: “Steve- don’t tell me you just spent $100 on that jersey. We’re getting married soon and you just spent $100 on a jersey. Where’s mine?” Whack.
A few minutes later:
Fiance: “Steve- how big is that jersey?”
Steve: “XXL”
Fiance: “XXL? You’re so fat Steve!” Whack.

She also switched the whacking from the cardboard fan to her handbag at one stage.

Interspersed with all of this highly entertaining conversation, they also intermittently stopped to demonstrate a lot of nauseating PDAs (Public displays of affection), which was a bit OTT.

Highlight of the match: D’s awesome mark when a ball came flying his way after a goal. It landed in his lap after N managed to get a hand on it. Steve was also leaping at it, and he managed to spill his entire rum and coke, which he wasn’t very happy about, but was very amusing for the rest of us. Steve was such good val. What a funny guy! He was so affable and chatty to everyone!

AFL twins (A and I wore exactly the same thing..)
Swans match (6)

Beer shot:
Swans match (11)

Pie shot:
Swans match (12)

Swans match (13)

The cute AusKick kids who come out and play a mini AFL game during halftime (I love their follow-the-ball pack mentality!):
(Go that way kids!)
Swans match (31)

Pic (courtesy of Steve):
Swans match (28)

After the game, they allowed everyone on the field to have a kick, which was very cool. They only sometimes let you do this. They just rope of off the cricket pitch and everybody goes for it. I have never seen so many AFL balls being kicked in my life. What a sure fire way to lose your ball. But I wish we’d thought to bring a footy, cause it would’ve been fun!

This is a pic of me and N standing in front of the goal posts:
goal posts

You can see the final score line, which was quite massive, in favour of the Swans. Can I also say that the grass is IMMACULATE? I wonder how many grounds staff they have to keep it looking so lovely and green?

Mama Pufferfish came down to Sydney on Friday. We had dinner at Sushi Masa- yum! Mum also brought a lot of produce from hers and J’s (my stepdad’s) garden.

She brought chokos, chillies (her chillies are SUPER HOT!), snake beans, coriander and basil!
Basil from Mum's garden
How beautiful is the basil? I wish I could include smell-vision, because it smells divine as well. This is a far cry from C1’s basil plant, which I unfortunately killed while babysitting (basil-sitting) it when she was away (but this is a story for another post…)

More produce:
Produce from Mum's garden (1)

Teriyaki kingfish
Sushi Masa (4)

Chicken Karaage complete with delicious kewpie doll mayonnaise
Sushi Masa (3)

Spazzie (C2) gave me a gorgeous butterfly gold (that’s what it’s called!) retro Pyrex mixing bowl. How fabulous is it?
Pressie (2)

She also gave me a swathe of anti-aging beauty products that she scored as freebies from work
Anti ageing beauty products

I wasn’t that impressed… ha! The march towards 30 progresses. I almost freaked myself out when I thought I was turning 29 this year, but, luckily for me, I’m not great at remembering how old I am, and N reminded me that I was only going to be turning the big 28- phew!!!



  1. You were at the complete other end of the ground from me, but it was a good, albeit embarrassing (for Ninthmond supporters) evening.


    Only the second game and you’ve got a jersey? I’ve been to about 70 games and I’ve just got an assortment of beanies, hats and fridge magnets…

  2. Do you have a beer holder? Oh wait, that’s more in the NRL vein of things isn’t it? I preemptively bought the jersey, because I’ve gotta feeling that I’m gonna be hooked (and I am!) You wouldn’t believe that I switched on the Sunday afternoon game that was on telly would you? I still have no idea what is going on 99% of the time, but it’s a great game!

  3. What a great blog! You have perfectly chosen the photos.
    I think where you sit makes a big difference to the atmosphere. You cannot beat sitting near the social club.

    • Thanks! I’m a rookie AFL fan, having only been to two games so far! But I can see that you’re a hardcore fan from your blog!

  4. You’re welcome :). It doesn’t matter how long you have been a fan; the important thing is that you are a fan.
    I would be lost without AFL. My favourite parts are the atmosphere, the sense of belonging and the eye candy.

    • Oh yes, the eye candy ain’t bad! I love Marty Mattner (he looks a bit like Matthew Fox!) and I like Lewis Jetta. I have Jetta’s number on my jersey!

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