Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 10, 2010

Food Glorious Food-Take 2

Back onto my favourite topic of conversation!

A couple of days ago, I made the zucchini flowers that we bought at Eveleigh Markets last weekend.

I stuffed them with goats cheese, ricotta and parmesan- so good! But very rich. Zucchini flowers are also a hell of a lot harder to prepare than I anticipated A) because you have to remove the stamens from the flowers and B) we don’t have a piping bag, so actually getting the cheese into the flower was a massive struggle in itself! I tried the nifty trick of tracing a circle onto some baking paper, cutting it out and making a piping bag, but that was a massive fail. I think it only works if you’ve got something runny, like icing sugar, not something über gluggy, like lumpy goats cheese… hahaha!!!

Luckily, I only broke one of the flowers off….

Raw ingredients:
Zuchini flowers (1)

Beautiful produce:
Zuchini flowers (2)

Zuchini flowers (3)

Zuchini flowers (4)

Zuchini flowers (6)

I also made a mushroom, asparagus and pancetta pasta sauce:
Pasta sauce (1)

But we were SO full from the zuchini flowers, that I probably didn’t need to eat any pasta.. but I ate a bowl anyway. This may have been why I got a sore tummy that night….

N also made his second Curtis Stone “you’ll love Coles” recipe form Curtis Stone’s recipe booklet. This time it was the grilled barramundi recipe. Check out how glossy the spinach looks! It was so delicious! Very buttery and garlicky! Yummo!

Grilled barramundi (1)

We went to Scorpio’s Tavern, which is a Greek restaurant on Johnstone Street in Annandale last week too. We went on the recommendation of brother of N’s friend, who is Greek, and says that it’s the best Greek in Sydney. Score! 6 of us went, and we had:
– the meat platter (pick of the platter was the lamb, the chop and the meat juice-soaked chips)
– seafood platter (pick of the platter= crab- the meat was so sweet)
– dips (skordalia + baba ganoush)
– saganaki (cheese only, not with prawns) Has anyone tried this? It’s like haloumi, but less rubbery in texture, with a rich tomato sauce)
– dolmades

Sorry there are no pics folks- again, because I was starving and forgot.

BUT, I did remember to take pics of dessert, because by then, I was so full that I wasn’t just one track minding over the food.
We had the mixed dessert plate and pistachio and backlava ice cream.


The food was so tasty, the waitress was LOVELY and they have Greek dancing on the weekends, so I’m definitely going to go back to bust some moves and to pig out again!

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I made a cajun chicken dinner, with a side of my yummy mixed mushroom bruschetta, which is probably my favourite entree to make for dinner parties. We bought lots of mixed mushies from Harro that week, and I roughly chopped them, and stir fried them with copious amounts of butter, garlic and parsley. To finish up, a few drops of truffle oil, and whack it on some grilled crusty bread. I rub garlic on the bread before I put it under the grill, to up the garlic a bit. So delicious! I ♥ MUSHROOMS! I should really get a shirt screen printed with this on it, because mushies are king of the vegetables.

Cajun chickin dinner (15)

Cajun chickin dinner (12)

Cajun chickin dinner (18)



  1. wahhhh…. Crystal they look so yummy!!!! when are you gonna invite us over for dinner?

  2. What are you referring to? I’ll make them when we have you guys over!

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