Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 10, 2010


So you’re right in thinking that I’m lucky I’m not obese, with all of this decadent eating that N and I do all the time… All I can say is that, that is the very reason why I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I LOVE cardio classes at the gym. My favourites are Step and Combat. I also do Body Attack, Jam (on occasion) and Pump. I used to do Pump a lot, but I stopped going, since I had two awesome Exercise and Sport Science personal trainers for 5 months… Sadly, I’m no longer doing that personal trainer program =( so I’ve just started back at Pump, and rediscovered it. Hopefully I’ll get back into a few Pump sessions a week, that is, if I can drum up the motivation to try to do double classes!

I recently bought a Sunnto t1c heart rate monitor wrist computer, which is so so AWESOME! It’s my cool new fashion accessory, as well as bring a fantastic fitness device. If you put on the heart rate belt that comes with it, you can record the duration of your gym sessions, your maximum heart rate, as well as the number of calories you burn and tells you how long you are exercising in each of three heart rate zones, which are percentages of your max heart rate.
Zone 1 (60-70%): fitness zone; improves basic fitness and is good for weight control
Zone 2 (70-80%): aerobic zone; improves aerobic fitness and is good for endurance training
Zone 3 (80-90%): threshold zone; improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity and is good for improving peak performance.

I’m still working out how to use it, as the instructions are translated from Finnish, so they’re not very intuitive! So I just mash some buttons until I work it out (although I have accidentally started heaps of new sessions- my session count is up to about 18 now, and I’ve only been to the gym twice, since I bought it!! D’oh!)

Here’s a pic:

Also some pics of my fabulous necklace that M got me from Singapore. The flower can be detached as a separate brooch.

Singapore necklace

Singapore necklace(2)


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