Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 5, 2010

Friends + Fam + Europe

Caught up with optom friends, C, B & L on Friday night. C & B cooked up a seafood extravaganza- seafood marinara (with prawns, scallops and squid), garlic king prawns plus a walnut and pear salad. It was all inspired by their recent honeymoon to Italy.

Check out the pics:

B on fire



We had a lovely chilled out BBQ at brother of N’s place on Sunday. We caught up with N’s parents, who have just been on a four week holiday to Egypt, Greece and Jordon.

Prawn and snow pea dumplings
BBQ (2)

The spread:
BBQ (3)

Grown up mac & cheese, smoked ribs, Portuguese chicken, ‘slaw + heirloom tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella salad
BBQ (4)

Check out the smoke ring on those ribs! This is the ring around the outside of the meat that shows you that the meat has been smoked properly, and smokey they were! SO delicious! Thanks D for the massive four hour effort!

All of this talk about travel, made me think of the time when I went to Europe, in January 2007. I went with Mrs Plane_Spotter, and yes, we went on a Contiki tour… (hey- we were young back then, and couldn’t afford to do it by ourselves, AND we had some GREAT times!) Also, that was when Plane_Spotter flew all the way to Paris (which was our last stop on the tour) to PROPOSE to Mrs Plane_Spotter!!!!!



Everyone rides a bike in Amsterdam, cause it’s so flat, so they have bike traffic lights!!

The world’s largest cuckoo clock, in St Goar, Germany

Highest hotel in the world (Zurich or was it Lucerne?)

View from top of the mountain:

Drinking prosecco (out of plastic cups) on a gondola ride in Venice (classy! and check out the suave gondola man on his mobile)



Statue of David (we saw the real one, which was AMAZING, but I couldn’t take a photo, so this is the replica on the top of the hill, overlooking Florence)


Ice skating on the Eiffel Tower:

One of my FAVOURITE artworks of all time, at the Louvre (Cupid and Psyche)



  1. Loving your blog!

    Did you know – that the world’s largest cuckoo clock is actually a highly controversial title!! I learnt this when my family and I went to Schonach in Germany. We ended up visiting: “The FIRST Biggest Cuckoo Clock in the World” (what does that even mean, I don’t know)

    According to my aunt, who translated for me – the man there was VERY adamant about the specific nature of that title.

    Cuckoo clock politics! Who knew!!

  2. It was so nice to catch up with you! hope to do it again soon =)
    (B was checking his cooking pose…hahaha)

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