Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 4, 2010

Decadent Day of Eating + Bananagrams!

Easter Saturday was a day spent eating and immersing ourselves in yummy food. First up, N and I picked up C1 (big sister) from the new cafe, Clover in Annandale.

Clover (2)

We virtually pulled in, in front of the cafe, picked C1 up with coffees and left for our next stop. I’d had special, secret food espionage intel from S that the mushies at Harris Farm were awesome, but we’d already decided to head to Eveleigh Markets to pick up some treats for our Easter Sunday BBQ at brother of N’s house.

First stop- Pat & Sticks. We forgot the secret password to get the new flavour. We were going to do the gen Y thing and pull out our iPhones to check the subscriber’s email, to get the password, but luckily Stick (who I always thought was Pat until yesterday) put us out of our misery and gave us the password (“It’s Toasted”) We guessed what the different flavours could be (Easter Egg, Hot cross bun, Marshmallow) but it turned out to be….. roasted garlic with rosemary ice cream, with parmesan flavoured biscuits!! Very Heston Blumenthal and molecular gastronomy! Oh yes, for those who don’t know, Pat & Sticks make ice cream sandwiches!!! (and very decadent ice cream sangers at that!) This is their first venture into the savoury ice cream (has anyone tried savoury ice cream before? We’ve had crab ice cream and it was so deliciously odd- what struck me about it was the saltiness of it!) Anyway, usually we gorge ourselves on the scrummy original Pat & Sticks flavours. My favourite is vanilla lace, which is vanilla ice-cream with a crunchy, sugary biscuit. Will post about it later, when we taste it!

Then onto to fruit and veg:

Funghi Man: (and woman)
Funghi man

Everleigh Markets (5)

We bought heirloom tomatoes, zucchini flowers and apples.

Everleigh Markets (6)

Everleigh Markets (9)

We also bought bacon & egg rolls for brekky:

N scoffed his before C1 and I even got ours open.
Everleigh Markets (7)

Everleigh Markets (8)

Lots of people bring their doggies along to the markets, and they LOVE it. It’s quite social. The doggies get to catch up with their mates, sniff a few bums and get some doggie treats of their own. It’s a real Doggie Delight. They all look so cheery and happy to be on a family outing. This is one of the many Snoopy dogs we saw, but unfortunately, he wasn’t in detective or writer mode today.

Everleigh Markets (12)

Next stop: Fish markets.
We went to the fish markets to pick up some fish for dinner, and to do part two of brunch. N was cooking, and he was going to do Curtis Stone’s “you’ll love Coles” ginger and soy glazed salmon & bok choy recipe (you know the one from the Coles ad, that is getting really high rotation at the moment for Easter…) Anyway, we got totally sucked in, and picked up the Curtis Stone recipe booklet from Coles last week, with a view to trying it out…

I’m not kidding about the recipe booklet. Here it is:


We didn’t calculate how much it cost per head, but I reckon we managed to feed our family for less than $10 a head (granted we didn’t get any of the ingredients from Coles, except maybe the rice, which we already had- why would you, when you can go to the fish markets and get everything there?)

IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!! N did an awesome job plating up, and making it look spectacular. The fish and the bok choy were cooked perfectly, and the I really enjoyed the coconut flavoured rice. Yum!

Salmon (6)

Salmon (3)

Salmon (1)

At the fish markets:

So much sashimi!
Fish markets (3)

Fish markets (2)

Fish markets (10)

Action shots of lunch:

Fish markets (7)

Fish markets (8)

Fish markets (9)

Beautiful scampi: I love their stripey bums!
Fish markets (6)

After dinner we played Bananagrams.
I won, but I got shouted down by the others because they thought ‘Oi’ and ‘gouty’ weren’t words. Ok, so Oi is colloquial, but I thought it’d be in the Macquarie dictionary. Sadly, not the case. And ‘gouty’ come on! It’s a word pertaining to gout. Someone suffering from gout could say that they were felling a little ‘gouty’ but again, the Macquarie let me down…

Bananagrams (1)

I also got challenged by N to use all of the Bananagrams tiles to make interconnecting words that were 5 letters or more. Well, being the competitive person I am, I set off to meet the challenge.

Unfortunately, the first time I called victory, I realised that all the words weren’t in fact connected. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement (there was much swearing and wracking of brains to rectify it)

Bananagrams (4)

After a bit more mental wrestling I FINALLY got it:
Bananagrams (7)

Woohoo!!!!!!! Who is a supreme WORD NERD? I am!!!!!!!!



  1. Love the post! It was a great day 🙂

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