Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 2, 2010

Goals for the long weekend

Woo-YEAH! It’s only just sunk in that it’s the LONG WEEKEND and that I won’t be back at work until THURSDAY! (Thank you flex time).

Here are my goals for the long weekend:
#1 bake banana, choc chip and caramel muffins
#2 eat copious amounts of chocolate/junk food
#3 buy a new pair of black flat heeled boots
#4 watch some Buffy
#5 start re-reading “Darkness Be My Friend” by John Marsden
#6 read my New Scientist
#7 do my uni assignment
#8 read some more Freakonomics/Cravat-a-licious
#9 update my blog
#10 catch up with friends and family
#11 going to yum cha

Here’s a photo of my study area A.K.A the couch….

study area

Clearly I am already fulfilling a few of my weekend goals. I just devoured “The Third Day the Frost” -OMG it’s a great read! (That’s the next one, sitting on top of the pile of crap, waiting for me to have another “break” form uni work). Speaking of, I’ve actually made a start on my assignment (hooray!), but it’s obviously not a priority, given that I’m onto my second blog post for the evening. But… I’m on a study break, eating Tim Tams and having a cuppa, so well on the way to fulfilling #2.

I should also say that this list in not, I repeat NOT listed in order of priority (as uni work falls significantly short of the number one slot)

But looking forward to a weekend of R&R (but if only I can put in the hard yards tomorrow before yum cha…)


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