Posted by: spottedpufferfish | April 1, 2010

Just for a giggle + dinosaurific fun

This is a re-post of something that was posted on S’s FB page, which originally came from the “And I’m Not Lying” blog. It’s a list, found by a teacher on the floor of a 3rd grade classroom, which was inadvertently dropped by some very precocious 3rd graders (or some 3rd graders, who have older, bitchier sisters)

I’ll let the list explain:

Full page fax print

Full page fax print

Full page fax print

Full page fax print

Full page fax print

As I posted on Facebook re this list- I so want to be a #38 ghetto bitch, but I think I’m more qualified to be a #76 Geekin’ bitch!

This reminded me of my teaching days, and all of the funny things my kids used to write or say. I’ve got some classics squirreled away somewhere, which I’ll have to dig out (hope I’ve still go them!). But I’ll share with you, for the benefit of my non-teaching friends, some of the funny things that my teaching friends + other teachers have come across. This one is from my friend who teaches Science, from a Year 7 topic test:

Q: How could the experiment be improved? A: He could do better because he didn’t use big words.

And others:

Q:Outline the concept of terra nullius as a barrier to native title. A: Forgot, sorry. :-O

Q: Who was the father of federation? A: John Howard (This one was from Year 9 history)


I love it! The funny things that even uni students do also makes me laugh. I’m talking about my first years. I love my first years- I had this kid type in what looked like a journal article title, in the subject line of the Ask-A-Librarian email, and send it, just like that. He didn’t give me any further info, so I had to email him back Turns out that this was his assignment topic. Not sure what he expected me to do with this, without any further information. In the end, he wanted me to check his search strategy and put him on the right track.

Can I just say that it is REALLY difficult explaining what makes a good search term, and what doesn’t via email?

I had a REALLY busy day today, because it was the last day of uni before the mid semester break and the last day that the library was open, so I had a billion first years come in, asking for help with their assignments. Don’t get me wrong- so glad they did, but in typical student fashion, they waited to the last possible minute to ask me (I think it’s due their first day back). So I was crazy busy, but I love it- they are researching a HUGE variety of topics, which is just SO interesting!! However, I think I have a tendency to slip back into the teaching vernacular with these guys. I tend to get a bit bossy and teacher-ish: “You do such and such while I do this” Whoops. Gotta stop doing that. But I figure they’ve just come from high school, and to give them a break. If we’re mean to them, they’ll never come back. Yes yes.. I know I can not be mean to them without going school marm on them… Must rein it in…

Anyway, I dug out the dinosaurs which have starred in their very own video, and liberated them by putting them on my desk at work. They are so much fun! They make RRRR RRRR noises and you can maul people with woolley mammoth’s tusks. Check it out:

dinosaurs (1)

dinosaurs (3)

BUT… imagine how much MORE fun I had when I discovered they came with ACCESSORIES!!! They came with their very own scientifcally inaccurate cave men (how many humans were there when the dinosaurs were roaming the Earth???), a catapault and a chariot that you could hitch on to the back of the woolley mammoth- oh my goodness- I had SO much fun playing with these this afternoon!!!!! Clearly I was deprived as a child and didn’t get any dinosaurs to play with. We had Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids and Lego. Speaking of- did you know that I was DESPERATE for a Transformer? But I never got one! >_<
Check out the pics:

dinosaurs (5)

dinosaurs (4)



  1. What I love about the bitches thing is the many and varied responses. The blogger talks about it here Some commenters freaked out about the state of the education system, which is just nuts. I personally contributed to my own semi-literate lists such as this when I was a young person. I remember my mum once finding a note where i’d written the word “fuck” on a bit of paper ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not offended by the list – I think it’s funny and occasionally insightful ๐Ÿ™‚

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