Posted by: spottedpufferfish | March 3, 2010

I know a famous actor! (well kind of)

Did anyone watch the Channel Nine telemovie, Wicked Love, the other night? It was the one based on the Maria Korp story… where she was strangled and left for dead by her husband’s mistress. Sound horrific? Well it was. The movie was fascinatingly gripping, like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. I don’t know how much was fiction, or how much was real, but some of the character’s behaviour was appalling, particularly Joe Korp’s, who was played extremely well by Vince Colosimo. Like my mother always says, you always tell a good actor by the way they play a baddie- if you hate them, then they must be good. And boy did I despise Joe Korp (so reading between the lines- Vince Colosimo you rock!)

Anyway, back to the original point of my post- I know the guy who played the young constable (yes that was the name of his character in the credits!). He got three and a half lines, when he was questioning Vince Colosimo’s character about his wife’s disappearance.

So, I am now officially two degrees of separation from Vince Colosimo. Woohoo! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Go Danny!!!

PS: Danny has been in a number of plays, including one where he played a really violent guy. Apparently he was so good at this role (again, Mum’s epithet rings true!) that he got heckled by the audience.


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