Posted by: spottedpufferfish | March 1, 2010

First lecture

So I gave my first presentation to a new batch of first year students today… it was in the Eastern Ave Auditorium, and it was CHOCKERS! About 500 people, which was a bit daunting! Luckily people laughed at my jokes and liked my slides. There are 1700 of them in this unit of study alone, so repeat lectures here I come. There’s even going to be an overflow theatre on Wednesday, because there’s too many people for one of the lectures, where the lecture will be video-ed and streamed live into the other one. Crazy!

Here is a snippet of my preso:

Attribution: Flickr photostream: 'Goats of Switzerland' by 'Madcrow'

The library is here to help!




Attribution: Flickr photostream: 'Confused Animal' by 'Mitch Malone'






We’re here to turn this (confusion!),

Attribution: Flickr photostream: 'Polar bear yawn' by 'fPat'









or this (boredom!).

Attribution: Flickr photostream: 'Many days are filled with frustration' by 'Lance McCord'












or this (frustration!),

Attribution: Flickr photostream: 'Happy Dog' by 'Rennett Stowe'







into this!



  1. Aaah! Cute preso pics! Love the dog especially

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