Posted by: spottedpufferfish | February 28, 2010

Dinner at the Four in Hand

Last night we celebrated N’s Dad’s birthday at the Four in Hand. Being disciples of the Good Living reviews, the original plan was to go to Tomislav, but no luck, as they only had a table for an early sitting. Luckily, the Good Living produced the review goods again, and we got a table at the Four in Hand. It’s a dining room in a quaint little suburban pub (with white table cloths!) I must admit to feeling a little overdressed (thanks C1 and E for the gorgeous MNG dress- if you want to see it, check out the photo in the post below) on the approach, because the pub looked so old school cool.


This is a photo of the Four in Hand circa 1974.

Attribution: Flickr photostream, ‘Four in Hand circa 1974’ by ‘dozafar’





This is a recent photo of the pub.

Attribution: Flickr photostream, ‘Four in Hand’ by ‘danstravels’






The dining room is amazing, the food gorgeously decadent and the wait staff super efficient.

I had a deliciously light smoked salmon, caper and radish entree, followed by the 12 hour roast lamb with baby vegetables which I shared with N. The lamb basically oozed off the bone when the waitstaff “carved” it for us at the table. Clearly, there was no carving involved as the meat basically fell of the bone! So delicious! I rounded this off with a rich 4 way chocolate cherry ripe, with a glass of dessert wine. Whoops, don’t tell A that I slipped and had a drink, because I’m supposed to be doing FebFast, which is like DryJuly but in February… But in the same way you can make up the fast days in Ramamdan (if you’re a woman), I’ve kinda adopted this loose policy as well..



  1. That’s ok, desert wine doesnt count…I am kinda hoping champagne doesnt either.

  2. Umm… But that’s ok, cause you just got ENGAGED! Some champagne definitely had to be had!!!!

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