Posted by: spottedpufferfish | February 28, 2010

Carmen and Ben’s Wedding

Some of you will probbly already know that a few weeks ago, I was a bridesmaid at my friends Carmen and Ben’s wedding.

It was a fabulous day, and such a cool experience, because there were elements of a traditional Chinese wedding, which I’d never experienced before.

In particular, the games in the morning, when the groom comes to the bride’s house with all of the groomsmen, to “win” the bride. First of all, there is a process, literally translated as “Open the door” where the groom knocks on the door, and the bridesmaids basically act as bouncers (for want of a better word!) not to let him in, until he pays money for the bride. There’s a ot of two-ing and fro-ing, haggling and shouts of “more money!”, “how much is your bride worth?” and “stop being a tight arse!” (that was a comment from Mr Ho, I believe!)

And little did I know before the wedding, that the bridesmaids actually get to keep the money. Whatthe?!?!? Since when was that on the cards? I should have haggled some more! Haha! Just kidding!

Then once the bridesmaids are satisfied with this amount, the groom gets let in, but he can’t see the bride until he plays all of these crazy games to prove his worth to his bride.

We made Ben do pushups, sing a song, drink yucky tasting liquids, reenact the proposal (with his best man playing the role of the bride) and to shout declarations in Mandarin (whenever we fight, you’re always right, I will never ask you to carry my tripod again etc etc)

Check out the pics:
How much is Carmen worth?







Declarations in Mandarin







The bride and groom







Bridesmaid Action


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